10 Ways to Celebrate World Mental Health Day 2018

Mental Health Day

In 1992, the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) started World Mental Health Day. Twenty-six years later, the world is ready to celebrate again on October 10, 2018. The goal of World Mental Health Day is to:

  • Build awareness and advocate against social stigmas of mental health
  • Encourage discussions for promoting mental health
  • Honor those facing mental health challenges
  • Embolden mental health sufferers who fear discovery because they are concerned about being misunderstood and those who are deprived of essential care

An estimated 120 million people worldwide suffer from depression, and millions more deal with other mental illnesses. Most are functioning, and you might not even be aware of their daily struggles. Whether you are a person facing mental health challenges, a person who loves someone with these challenges, or you want to get involved for your own education, here are 10 ways you can celebrate World Mental Health Day in 2018:


Mental Health Day


1. Make a pledge

Vow to understand the challenges faced by you or a loved one so that you can better know how to cope with the issues. Decide to make mental health a priority which will include removing negativity that distracts from your stability or ability to support your loved one.

2. Practice self-care

Do at least one thing that makes you feel better. Yoga, going for a coffee or a swim, making your bed, talking to a loved one, or wrapping up in a blanket for your favorite movie. You don’t have to push yourself, but you can

3. Reach out to a friend

Whether you suffer from mental health challenges or you know someone who does, talking a friend on World Mental Health Day can positively impact your emotional state.

4. Participate in an event

Search for “Mental Health Day events near me” and you’ll find a list of happenings you can join including film screenings, marathons, and potlucks. If you’re not near an event, consider hosting a small get together with your support system.

5. Perform random acts of kindness

Doing nice things for others can boost your feelings of happiness. If you’re a sufferer, you will notice your self-worth increases. Plus, you’ll directly contribute to the mental health of the person you help. Buy someone’s coffee, help carry bags, or try something as simple as returning a cart for a person at the grocery store.

6. Read an article on mental health

Education is the best defense against close-mindedness and fear. So, choose your challenge or one faced by a person you love and research it!

7. Compliment a stranger

Just like a random act of kindness, complimenting a stranger can boost happiness and self-worth. Give genuine compliments though like “Cool shirt,” “I like your shoes,” or “You did really well in that meeting.”

8. Take a shower

Those with mental health challenges often put this off simply because getting through the day is tough enough. So, treat yourself and take a shower early in the day. It will make you feel exponentially better and ready to take on another thing on this list!

9. Go for a walk

Exercise is proven to enhance happiness and relieve stress through the release of a protein called BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) and endorphins. Even going for a short walk helps you stave off the brain weasels.

10. Rearrange your furniture

Sometimes a change of scenery is in order. If you’re a sufferer of mental health challenges, you can get a quick dose of strength by rearranging a room. Not only do you get exercise, but your mind will be uplifted as you re purpose your space. You’ll use creativity and cleverness to design a new space that feels functional to you in the moment.


Whatever your challenges with mental health, take the time out of your day on October 11th to do something for yourself and others. Make the day a celebration of how far you’ve come and a reminder of where you want to go. For more information on World, Mental Health Day visits WFMH’s website.


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