Top 5 Health Videos and Why You Should Watch Them

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Health and wellness are top of mind for many people around the world. It can be easy to get lost in the thousands of blogs, books, and health videos available. I’ve gone through tons of information and videos and narrowed them down to a list of the top five health videos you should watch and why. As an added bonus, there is a short list of suggested documentaries at the end for your consideration.

Whether you are concerned about your health, looking for preventative measures, or want to learn an important technique to save a life, we’ve got you covered.

4 Foods to Banish Sugar Cravings & Belly Fat

Joyous Health

The Joyous Health channel is an uplifting channel for health advice, but the best video to watch is “4 Foods to Banish Sugar Cravings & Belly Fat.” It is the second most watched video on the channel and it offers down-to-earth advice in an honest, knowledgeable manner. She includes easy-to-understand scientific information that helps you understand why the advice will help you.

10 Early Warning Signs of Diabetes Everyone Should Know

Bright Side

Getting diabetes is a serious concern, especially in the U.S. where sugar is in everything. 29 million people in the U.S. (9.3% of the population) and 371 million people worldwide (4.9% of the world population) are already affected. Early detection and diagnosis can greatly affect the long-term outcome of the disease. If you experience one or more of the warning signs mentioned in the video, you should consult a doctor.

What Would Happen if You Didn’t Drink Water


Highly popular drinks like coffee, energy drinks, sodas, and juices are often substituted for the better, healthier option: water. Yet proper hydration is vital to a healthy body. A key piece of advice given by nearly all health experts is to drink more water or replace what you currently drink with H20. This video examines what happens to your body if you don’t drink water. Anyone still struggling to make the switch should watch this convincing health video.

Science Explains How Much Sleep You Need Depending on Your Age

Bright Side

Not getting enough sleep can have a detrimental impact on your quality of life. But how much do you really need? It turns out, it depends on your age! This video discusses the amount of sleep you need each night if you want to wake up rested and ready for the day.

How to Perform CPR

CPR techniques have changed over the years. Whether you’re certified or not, keeping up-to-date on current methodologies can save a life. This video guides you through the process from a certified CPR teacher. Everyone should know the basics because you never know when you will be the only option a person has for a living.

Series you should consider watching if you want the motivation to change your diet


Fed Up (2014)

Food, Inc. (2008)


The Perfect Human Diet (2012)

Beyond Food (2016)


The above health videos are an excellent way to start your journey toward healthy living. If you want to challenge yourself, check out my blog 15 Healthy Foods Everyone Should Add to Their Diet.


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