Top 5 Hacks for Hair Fall

hair fall

After a certain age, hair begins to thin and break. Hair fall occurs frequently—you may notice it more and more on your brush or in the drain of the tub. Even running your hands through your hair could result in a handful of those locks you’ve spent so long caring for. Hair fall is normal, but it can result in thin hair, unhealthy split ends, and balding.

Terrifying, right? Not so much. There are many things you can do to keep your hair healthy and prevent hair fall. Check out these top five hacks that will keep your hair on your head instead of in the trash.

1. Drying Practices

The way you dry your hair can dramatically affect hair fall. This is because hair is at its most delicate when it is wet. So, if you want to protect it, start by examining your drying practices and adjusting them if needed. First, be gentle when towel drying your hair. Softly pat the hair with a towel instead of being rough. Then, let your hair air dry as much as you can. Heating the hair thins the strands which can lead to hair that easily breaks.

2. Brush it nicely

Brushing can be super destructive to hair, but so can avoiding the brush altogether. Since hair is delicate when wet, it is best not to brush it when wet. When you do need to comb through it, go slow and use a brush that will be gentle on your hair. A wide or soft bristle brush is best to tame your mane while maintaining its condition.

3. Give it the spa treatment

Your hair deserves the star treatment. It is part of your beauty, just like healthy skin and nails, so when it comes to keeping it strong, you should give it some special attention. Massaging your scalp at least once weekly will stimulate circulation in your scalp which can promote growth. Give it the steam treatment by dipping a towel into hot water and wrapping your hair in it. This cleans hair pores so that growth is not hindered. Finally, give it the aloe vera treatment by rubbing the gel into your roots to nourish them.

4. Try an herbal remedy

There are many great remedies out there that claim to boost hair health and prevent hair fall. Neem (Indian Lilac) has recently become popular as a paste that can be used in the shower to wash your hair. It helps with scalp infections too. Or, if neem makes you nervous, grab cinnamon, honey, and olive oil from your pantry and mix them together. They relax your scalp and encourage growth when applied as a hair mask.

5. Take care of your health

You probably expected this one! Your hair health is intrinsically tied to the health of your body because it is part of your body! So, if you’re doing things that aren’t beneficial, it is likely to affect your hair too. If you want to start incrementally, reduce your caffeine intake. Caffeine reduces iron, and lowered iron is a primary component in hair loss. If you don’t have a high caffeine intake, you’re likely okay, but try to keep it to one cup a day. You should also look at reducing or eliminating junk food and eating foods packed with vitamins and nutrients. Even a slow progression in swapping out food can help your hair because it will get the nourishment it needs.

Finally, exercise. Exercising helps reduce stress which is another primary component of hair loss. Healthy body – healthy hair. But if you have long hair, steer clear of wearing ponytail holders that are super tight for a long time. Take a shower after you exercise, massage your scalp, and you’ll soon notice that your hair is much healthier.


Hair fall doesn’t have to negatively affect your life. In fact, there are times when hair fall cannot be prevented. Hormonal shifts, medication, and other situations that are out of your control will not be affected by the remedies above. If you are experiencing hair fall and don’t see improvement with some of the modifications above, consult your doctor. Healthy hair is part of a healthy lifestyle, so if listen to your gut if you’re concerned.


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